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Beginners should start their coding journey with Scratch and then progress on to MakeCode Arcade.


The scratch sessions in my Code Club are built around the materials provided by Code Club. I recommend working through the activities in order. Depending on experience, each activity will take between 45 and 90 minutes.

1 - Rock band

2 - Lost in space

3 - Ghostbusters

4 - Chatbot

5 - Paint box

6 - Boat race

1 - Memory

2 - Dodgeball

3 - Brain game

4 - Catch the dots

5 - Clone wars

6 - Create your own world

1 - CATS!

2 - Flower generator

3 - Guess the flag

4 - Line up

5 - Flappy parrot

6 - Binary hero

MakeCode Arcade

All of the following MakeCode Arcade materials are those that I have written (often hurriedly) for my own Code Club. Most of the materials need updating as the available blocks have changed but they should still be useful as the basis for a lesson. Most will take between 30 and 60 minutes to make. I will be reworking each of these as well as adding new materials over the coming months. The materials are marked as alpha, beta or final based on the quality/stage of development of the material. The alpha materials will be first stage PDFs, beta are updated web based materials but not neccessarily battle tested in the Coding Club yet so may contain errors and final will be the tested materials.

Stage 1 - Basic Blocks

1 - Chase, alpha

2 - Catch, alpha

3 - Smash, alpha

4 - Jump, coming

Stage 2 - Advanced Blocks

1 - Blaster, alpha

2 - Worm, alpha

3 - Burger Blast, alpha

4 - Invaders, alpha

5 - Treasure, coming

6 - Memory, alpha

7 - Mouse, coming

Stage 3 - Self Directed Learning

1 - Invasion of the Alien Ducks, final (errata)

Published works

Invasion of the Alien Ducks

Errata for Invasion of the Alien Ducks.

This is the first material that I've produced which is suitable for wide distribution. It's a MakeCode Arcade Blocks worksheet and is suitable for anyone that has some experience of blocks programming.

The PDF is available here and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

To view a copy of this license, visit The materials are designed to be used in printed form. As this is over 40 pages long and image heavy, I have published it on Amazon where you can buy a printed copy for £4.50.