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The following are a collection of my favourite tools/sites:



  • Pimoroni who sell all the amazing electronics devices used in our code clubs as well as designing some amazing stuff.
  • The PiHut who sell all things Raspberry Pi and other amazing electronics kits.
  • Cool Component who sell electronics and a range of other goodies.
  • Kitronik who are a specialist in electronic project kits.



Online IDEs and Editors

  • replit who provide a full web based IDE for Python and many other languages.

Online art tools and assets

  • PixilArt is an online paint program that is easy to use and supports transparency.
  • Piskel is a free online editor for animated sprites & pixel art.
  • Pixlr is a free online photo editor.
  • Vectr is a free online vector graphics editor.
  • Kenney free game art assets.
  • free game art assets.


  • Invent With Python is a collection of wonderful books written by Al Sweigart and available free online.
  • MicroPython
  • CircuitPython which is a fork of MicroPython by AdaFruit and aimed as a beginner friendly version. See below for more links.
  • MakeCode Maker which offers blocks, JavaScript and Python based coding of microcontrollers.
  • Python micro:bit.
  • PyGame Zero is a framework for creating games without boilerplate.
  • GuiZero is designed to allow learners to quickly and easily create Graphical User Interfaces for their programs.


BBC micro:bit

Lego Mindstorms